Summer-Long Indoor Comfort Starts Here.

What good is buying a great system unless it’s properly sized and installed by masters of their craft? Pretty much no good at all.

With Relief Heating and Cooling, you get much more than a new system recommendation. That’s because we can’t recommend a thing until we perform heat-load calculations, learn about your living habits, check the integrity of your air ducts and placement of vents, and more.

Ultimately, we won’t simply install or replace a “box”. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you have a well-integrated AC system with all components working in harmony for your benefit.

Air Conditioning Pros

Air Conditioning Greensboro | AC Repair Greensboro | New AC System GreensboroHere’s what else you can expect from Relief:

  • Multiple new system options so you can choose the one that what best fits your needs and your budget. We provide third-party new system financing for qualified applicants.
  • Tremendous energy savings, no matter which system you purchase.
  • A system that’s sized just right to minimize wear and tear and cool your home more efficiently.
  • Post-installation clean-up so thorough, you’ll barely notice we were there…except for all that added comfort

Bottom line, we’re out to spoil you with extra-courteous service, attention to detail, and hard work.  More than anything, we’re out to exceed your expectations.

Contact us today for a free in-home comfort analysis and new system quote.