Air Purifier | Air Filtration System | Indoor air quality

Enjoy Greater Comfort and Lower Utility Bills with a Whole-House Air Filtration System.

“Cough, gag, sneeze.”

Are these the highlights of your family conversations? If so, it’s time for a game changer, where the game is indoor air pollution, and the changer is a whole-house air filtration system.

It’s the perfect solution for families with air ducts, since that’s where the filter is installed. Working together with your heating and cooling systems, a whole-house air filter traps dirt, dust, and pollutants as they travel through your ducts. With the right system, up to 95% of air contaminants will never reach your living spaces.

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As a result, your family can look forward to fewer allergy and asthma problems. What’s more, your house will smell better, you’ll sleep better, and you’ll pay less to heat and cool your home thanks to improved air quality

UV Lamps | Ultra-Violet Air Purifiers  

UV germicidal lamps represent an alternative means of ridding your home of potentially harmful pollutants.

The lamps can be installed in a variety of places – inside air ducts and near your AC system air handler, just to name two. That alone tells you two things about UV Air Purifiers:

  • They kill pollutants that approach them
  • UV lamps also emit ultra-violet rays that seek out bacteria and mold and kill these and other pollutants on contact

Best of all, they work.

So, have you had enough of the whole sneezing thing? In that case, contact Relief Heating and Cooling today for a free-home air quality analysis to determine the best way to provide you with cleaner indoor air.