Heat Pump | Air Source Heat Pump

When building a new home, more and more folks are choosing an air source heat pump vs. separate heating and cooling systems, and for some very good reasons:

  • Reduced installation cost
  • Cuts your heating and cooling costs
  • Easier to maintain
  • Fewer repairs, partly because the system doesn’t sit idle for up to six months at a time
  • Requires less space
  • Safe operation – no combustion and no gas emissions
  • Cheaper to operate than electric heating

Retrofit Your Home with a Heat Pump

Installing a heat pump in a new home is one thing, but what happens when you need to replace your AC system, but your furnace or boiler is still working satisfactorily? We think it still makes sense to opt for a heat pump vs. replacement AC system. Yes, it will cost a little more upfront for installation. But, as we can demonstrate, the long-term utility bill savings will more than make up the difference.

It’s not a decision you need to make now, of course. But when the time comes to replace your heating or cooling system, ask Relief Heating and Cooling to tell you more about air source heat pumps. We’re confident you’ll like what you hear.

Heat Pump Maintenance | Heat Pump Repair

At Relief, we maintain and repair virtually all makes and models of air source heat pumps. With annual preventive maintenance, we can help yours last longer with fewer repairs along the way. But should repair work become necessary, we’ll have your system back up and running in no time.

For service, repair, or a new installation proposal, contact the home heating and cooling pros at Relief Heating and Cooling.